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Suzanne Jacobsen, Ed.D

Taking the Fear Out of ABA - Lovaas, Verbal Behaviour & More
Suzanne Jacobsen, Ed.D., BCBA
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Committed to cutting through the dogma associated with ABA, Dr. Jacobsen will use extensive video to illustrate how the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis has developed for beyond the stereo-type of distressed children being forced to endure hours of boring and repetitive discrete trials. Participants will leave with an understanding of how ABA can make a significant contribution to autism treatment when individualized to meet the child's needs.

Date: December 2, 2006
Workshop Location: Chemainus
Mt. Brenton Golf Club, 2816 Henry Road
Hotel Information: N/A

Date: April 14 , 2007
Workshop Location: Kamloops
Forster's Convention Centre, Best Western Hotel - 1250 Rogers Way
Hotel Information: Best Western Hotel

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