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Tips for Completing an Effective Profile

We encourage all behaviour consultants who are on or are planning to apply to the RASP to complete a profile. As you do so, please be sure to keep in mind the following important points: 

  • Be clear, concise, and use plain language. Spell out acronyms; some parents may not be familiar with professional and/or technical language.
  • Be aware of word limits that pertain to certain sections.
  • Be sure to include phone numbers of accredited agencies, as well as areas of study for your BA, Masters, or Ph.D.
  • Do not include BCBA in the education/area of study section unless you have received the actual certificate.
  • For the Professional Development Section:
    • Limit listings to the top 5 over the past 3years, and include the following: when, where the event took place and the nature (e.g., workshop, in-service, etc), its title and who sponsored, name of presenter and her or his credentials and agency affiliation.
  • For the Publications and Conferences section
    • List no more than five relevant thesis or dissertation topics,
      research projects, and publications. Please be brief.
    • List no more than five presentations you have made over the last 3
      years. Please include location, date, title of the presentation, and
      name and sponsor of the event.
  • For the Professional Experience Section
    • Where you worked, when, and the name of the organization, agency, etc.; your title, and (briefly) your responsibilities. Please observe the 250 word limit.

IMPORTANT: Part B, Supervised Practical Training, has been revised to make the section as user-friendly as possible. If you have any questions about completing this area of the profile, please contact our RASP Coordinator, Jackie Brown at

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