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Completing the On-Line Profile: Technical Requirements/Considerations

  • Remember, in order to see the profile form in full you must use one of the following browsers: Explorer Version 6 or Fire Fox Version 2.
  • You must complete all required fields on the first page of the profile in order to move to succeeding pages.
  • You can create word files for many of the sections and copy and paste the information into the profile.
  • Avoid closing your web browser while you are working on the profile; you will likely lose most of the data.
  • When you have completed the form, hit the "submit" button and the profile will be sent to ACT's main data base. It will then be forwarded to Jackie Brown, RASP Coordinator, for review prior to posting on the web. She will contact you as necessary regarding revisions, and will send you a draft for approval prior to posting.
  • We recommend that you save a copy of the profile for your files. Here are the steps:
    • before you hit "submit", click on the "Printer Friendly Format" button and then
      "Save as".
    • A window will open that will ask if you want to save or open the document.
      Choose “Save.”
    • Save the document (which is now a rich text file) on your hard drive; you may then save it as a .doc file if you wish.
    • Once you have saved, click on "Return to Form"
    • Click on Submit

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