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Boy on Beach

Surrey teen Myles McKie talks about life with autism. | Full Story

National Autism Strategy
A coalition of Canadian Autism organisations has released a letter calling for a national Autism strategy. Signatories include:

  • Lynn Andrews, Director of Communications, Autism Society Canada
  • Laurie Mawlam, Executive Director, Autism Canada Foundation
  • Jeanette Holden, PhD, Program Director, ASD - Canadian-American Research Consortium
  • Suzanne Lanthier, Executive Director, Autism Speaks Canada
  • Dave Mikkelsen, Executive Director, Autism Treatment Services of Canada
  • Margaret Whelan, Executive Director, Geneva Centre for Autism
The full text of this letter can be read here. (.pdf)

Website helps parents spot autism.
Two american not-for-profits have launched a website intended to help parents to learn to recognise behavior that might mean their child should be tested for Autism Spectrum Disorders.| Full Story

Boy's case shows autism 'recovery'
'Bright' 16-year-old still has attention problems, but U.S. research shows promise of intense therapy| Full Story (Vancouver Sun)

Diet, Autistic Behaviour linked
Researchers at the University of Western Ontario have identified a link between diet and autistic behaviour. | Full Story  

Under Exposed: The Secret Discipline of BC’s Professions
The Victoria Times Colonists has recently published a thought provoking series on the regulation of health care professionals. | Full Story

Autism Books for Sale at ACT's Lower Mainland Workshops | Full Story

Is your child's IQ higher than the standard IQ test reveals? The widely used Wechsler fails to accurately measure the ability of people with ASD.  | Full Story

Important RASP Profile Update!
ACT has currently suspended the addition of new RASP Profiles | Full Story

2006 Report on Information & Support for ACT | Full Story

Report on ACT Training in 2006 | Full Story

Webcasting | Full Story

Research into Early Screening | Full Story

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