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Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) Supports Fund

The Government of BC has announced that parents of children and youth with special needs living in any area of BC will soon be able to apply for one-time grants related to specific expenses that are currently not met through government-funded programs.   The intent is to provide funding to increase a child or youth with special need’s ability to access and participate in home and community life.

Families, living anywhere in BC, who have children or youth living in their homes that have significant impairments in one or more of the following areas: health, cognition, communication, sensory motor, social/emotional/behavioural or self help (adaptive) who need specialized supports to enhance or improve their health, development or participation in daily activities at home, in school and in their communities may apply.

The Children and Youth with Special Needs Fund has been established to assist B.C. families living with children and youth with special needs from birth to nineteen years of age through one-time capital grants.   The fund will be administered by the Vancouver Foundation. 

The Vancouver Foundation, a non-governmental community foundation founded in 1943 as a collection of funds that form a permanent endowment for charitable purposes, is managing the Children and Youth with Special Needs Supports Fund.  The Vancouver Foundation is developing the funding guidelines and granting criteria for the funds and expects the first funding cycle to begin by November 2006.

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A similar fund for adults with developmental disabilities is available.  Information can be found at
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