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ACT receives many calls from parents wanting ACT to explain Autism Spectrum Disorders to their child’s peers, particularly their classmates.  Typically we are asked to come speak in the classroom about the disorder. Unfortunately we are unable to do so due to limited staff resources and the vastness of our province.

In an effort to support parents and teachers in taking up the challenge of explaining ASD to other children, ACT has purchased informative audio visual materials  produced by Autism Ontario.  ACT is pleased to loan the DVD trilogy and/or a video tape simulations.

Toonie Trilogy
This DVD contains the following three excellent videos:
Meet My Brother
A wonderful 8.5-minute video is a moving story about a boy with ASD told by his 10-year-old sister. It shows day-to-day home & school events as well as some suggestions for being a friend.

A Chance to Be Me
This is about three students who are affected quite differently by autism. What makes these three unique is not that they have autism, but that they have close friendships and acceptance in their school community. Autism Ontario (AO) developed this interactive video and teaching guide for intermediate and high school students as an orientation to autism and to help promote further classroom discussion. Approx. 22 min.

My Friend Dylan
Feelings & understanding are the main focus of a group of students who want to get to know their classmate Dylan. They share what they learned with others (Gr. 3 – 6) Approx. 10 min.

Experiencing Autism
An excellent video which offers simulated exercises to help someone ‘experience’ some of the feelings people with ASD often describe:
Experiencing Autism
Wondered what it feels like to have autism? Why do people with autism do what they do? Watch these 5 demos replicate the simulations to gain valuable insights. (Gr. Toonie Trilogy4 – 9) Approximately 16 minutes.

How to Borrow a DVD and/or VHS Videotape

 Please complete the attached order form.  Allow three week or more weeks for shipping; you can expect to receive the package via Canada Post. For your convenience we have provided a return label, please return the material in the original envelope.

Purchase and replacement of these videos is costly. To ensure our videos are promptly returned, ACT requires a security deposit.  A $75 dollar deposit is required for each DVD and $25 for each video.  A deposit can be made by cheque or credit card. Please make your cheque payable to ACT – Autism Community Training.   When the materials are returned to ACT, your cheque will be mailed to you and/or your credit card number destroyed.  If the materials are not returned by the due date, ACT will either cash your cheque or charge your credit card.   

Since we have a limited number of copies, they are available on a first come first serve basis.  If all copies are loaned out, we are able to place your name on a waitlist. If you prefer, you may also purchase these items directly from the   Autism Ontario website at

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