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ACT has compiled a listing of service providers from across British Columbia as a community service to those seeking helping or looking for professionals with experience with Autism
Spectrum Disorders. 

If your child is under age six and you have autism funding, you may use autism funds only for professional services from the Registry of Autism Service Providers.  Once you have selected a behaviour consultant from the Registry of Autism Service Providers and a treatment plan has been developed you may hire a behaviour interventionist to work with the consultant and your child.  Behaviour interventionists are not listed on the Registry of Autism Service Providers.  Some possible sources to find interventionists, regardless of your child's age, are listed below in addition to other service providers that families with children over 6 years of age may access. 

The list that follows is NOT the Registry of Autism Service Providers. It is a listing of other service providers in the province.

The inclusion of the Service Providers and their website links in this list does not imply ACT's endorsement of the providers or the contents of their websites including the claims, views, opinions or testimonials which may be posted therein. The purpose of this list is to provide referrals to the public who are seeking a service provider outside the Registered Autism Service Provider List.   We welcome additional information about services available throughout the province.  Please send your information to

Our list is divided into six geographical areas; click on link to view the communities listed in each
geographic area:

BC Rockies
Cariboo Chilcotin Coast
Northern British Columbia
Thompson Okanagan
Vancouver Coast & Mountain
Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands

Regarding our geographic areas, ACT has opted to utilize the more ‘user friendly’ breakdown as defined by Travel BC.  Click here to view the MCFD/MOE geographic breakdown.

BC Rockies

None currently listed

Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Behaviour Interventionists

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Northern British Columbia

Autism Assessment

Terrace Child Development Centre
2510 South Eby Street, Terrace, B.C. V8G 2X3
Tel: 250. 635-9288
Fax: 638-0213
The Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides assessments for developmental delays including autism

Behaviour Interventionists - Adults

AiMHi Residential Services
Location: Suite 300, 500 Victoria Street, Prince George, BC V2L 2J9
Phone: 250-564-6408
Fax: 250-564-6801

Behaviour Interventionists - Pre-school Children

AiMHi Community Living Services
Life Skills Office
Phone: 250-561-1573
Child Development Centre - CDC
Location: 1687 Strathcona Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 4E7
Phone: 250-563-7168
Fax: 250-563-8039

Innovative Living Solutions Inc.
Location: 337-B Jones St., Quesnel, B.C.V2J 2W7
Phone: 250-992-2090
Fax: 250-992-2093

Behaviour Interventionists
- School Aged Children

Innovative Living Solutions Inc.
Location: 337-B Jones St., Quesnel, B.C.V2J 2W7
Phone: 250-992-2090
Fax: 250-992-2093

Intersect - Children's Mental Health Services
Location: 1249 3rd Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 3E7
Phone: 250-562-6839
Fax: 250-562-4692

Gateway Behavioural Support Services
Location: 1023 LaSalle Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 4J6
Phone: 250-561-1194
Fax: 250-561-1195

Prince George Respite Residence
Location: 386 Green Place, Prince George, BC
Phone: 250-564-3422

Multisensory Learning Systems
1773 3rd Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 3G7
Phone: 250-561-9199


Multisensory Learning Systems
201 - 1777 3rd Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 3G7
Phone: 250-561-9199

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Thompson Okanagan


Dr. Stan Szombathy
1571 Sutherland Ave, Kelowna, BC  V1Y 5Y7&
Phone: 250-868-2442
Fax: 250-979-2080

Vancouver Coast & Mountain

Behaviour Interventionist
Once you are in the site go down to the “guest menu” then click on “autism directory”

Delta School District – Continuing Education
Brenda Blair
Phone: (604) 536-2402

Hollyburn Family Services Ltd.
#203 — 585 16th Street
West Vancouver, B.C.  V7V 3R8
Phone: (604)926-1185
Fax:(604) 926-1134

Behavioural Treatment
(Cognitive for adolescents)

Dr. Patrick Bartell
Boundary and Kingsway
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Dr. Glen Davies
#6 - 15243 91st Avenue,
Surrey, BC V3R 8P8
Tel: (604) 584-3450 ext #9

James Roche, Ph.D. - Behaviour Consultant
#601- 9280 Salish Court
Burnaby, BC V3J 7J8
Tel: (778) 998-7975
Fax: (604) 357-1217
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Some of the counsellors listed below are Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC). ACT strongly recommends that you visit for more information about Clinical Counsellors in British Columbia.

Career Counseling & Exploration
Mary Davies, Certified Job Search Instructor
Address: N/A instructor visits clients in their home
Tel: (604) 329-0239

Rainbow Clinic
Address: 206-8556 120th Street, Surrey BC V3W 3N5
Phone: (604) 597-0363
Fax: (604) 597-0378

Dr. Art Training Center
Address: Unit 3 – 5991 Cooney Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 4H2
Phone: (604) 723-1998

Joanne Drummond, M.C., Registered Clinical Counsellor
Address: #26 – 15515 24th Avenue, Surrey, BC V4A 2J4
Telephone: 604-306-4475

 MNJ Consulting
Address: 4089 Miller Street, Vancouver, BC V5N 3Z0
Telephone: (604) 251-8998
Cell: (604) 317-6703

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Sara Woodwark, M.A.
Address: 260 - 2184 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E1
Telephone: 604-732-3388

Sexuality Counselling
Dr. Peter Johnson Clinical Psychologist and Senior Partner of Rainbow Clinic
Address: 206-8556 120th Street, Surry BC V3W 3N5
Telephone: (604) 597-0363
Fax: (604) 597-0378

Transition Support Consultant
Patricia A. Dixon, M.A. (Special Ed)
Telephone: (604) 512-5375
Fax: (604) 985-4695

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Dr. Suzanne Carlisle
9946 Como Lake, Coquitlam

Dr. Theresa Chiang
430 – 2425 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC
Telephone: (604) 73-1615

Dental Referral Required
Telephone: (604) 736-3621

Dr. Joel Epstein
360-2665 Kingsway, Vancouver
Telephone: (604) 438_8711

Dr. Dale Herbert
202-2255 Elgin Ave, Port Coquitlam
Telephone: (604) 941-2211

Dr. Neil McDonald
1388 West Broadway
Telephone: (604) 738-0814
Specializes in Adults   

North Shore Children’s Dental Clinic
203 – 126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver
Telephone: (604) 904-8416
Infants to Adolescents

Dr. Harold Short
270 – 522 7th Street, New Westminster
Telephone: (604) 512-1811

Dr. Paul Wittenberg            
1507–805 West Broadway, Vancouver
Telephone: (604) 873-5173
Dental Surgeon

Horseback Riding – Therapeutic

Crescent Stables Riding School
Address: 6670 64th Street, Ladner, BC
Telephone: (604) 946-6864

Richmond Therapeutic Equestrian Society
Address: Twin Oaks Farm – 13671 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC
Telephone: (604) 241-7837

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 Music Therapy

Beth Clark
Music Therapist - specializing in children between the ages of 2 - 16 diagnosed with ASD
Address: 21626 - 1424 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 778.995.5735

Music Therapist
John Mews
Telephone: 778.888.0077

TASK Music
Address: Bridgeport and Number Five Road, Richmond, BC
Telephone: 778.862.1950


Dr. Anita Bratt  BSc, ND
1388 Terrace Ave.
North Vancouver, BC V7R 1B4
Phone & Fax (604) 990-1110
Toll free 1-877-299-1110


Pamela Bairinuff
12527 21 A Avenue, South Surrey
Telephone: (604) 535-0742
*private clinic – call for appointment


Dr. Katherine McKay
1040 Emerson Way, North Vancouver
Perceptual skills testing $69.00

Insight Developmental Learning
Dr. Darren Sass
E201-20159 88th Avenue
Langley, BC, V1M 0A4
Phone: 604-455-0477
Fax: 604-455-0476
*We provide visual perceptual assessments and eye exams.

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Dr. John Archer;
103-12195 Harris Road, Maple Ridge, BC  V3Y 2E9
Telephone: (604) 465-2326

Dr. Bernard Behrmann;
440-6091 Gilbert, Richmond, BC V7C 5L9   
Telephone: (604) 270-4456

Dr. Nazmudin Bhanji
7263 Fraser, Vancouver BC  V5X 3V8
Telephone (604) 322-1440

Dr. Ruby Chan
214-1656 Martin Dr, Surrey  BC V4A 6E7
Telephone: (604) 531-7707

Dr. Melvin DeLevie
304-650 W 41st Ave, Vancouver  BC  V5Z 2M9
Telephone: (604) 266-1874

Dr. Anne Q. Feng;
200-7031 Westminster Hwy, Richmond  BC  V6X 1A3
Telephone:(604) 273-6145

Dr. Vinod Kesavan
214-3030 Lincoln Ave, Coquitlam  BC  V3B 6B4;
Telephone: (604) 942-6607

Dr. John O’Toole
214-3030 Lincoln Ave, Coquitlam  BC  V3B 6B4
Telephone: (604) 942-6607

Dr. F.O. Simmon
206-8425 120th St, Delta, BC
Telephone: (604) 597-2646

Dr. Robert Wishart
119-2419 Bellevelle,West Vancouver BC  V7N 4T4
Telephone: (604) 922-6181

Dr. Lionel Traverse
34081 Gladys Ave, Abbotsford, BC-4323
Telephone: (604) 852-5794

Dr. Glen Ward;
214-1656 Martin, Surrey, BC 
Telephone: (604) 531-7707

Dr. Ruth Wingerin
207 - 650 West 41st
Telephone: (604) 266-1874

General Pediatricians 

Dr. Saul Pilar
2786 West 16th, Vancouver BC
Telephone: 604-739-8858
Allergy Testing (injection)

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Psychologists - Children (Privately Funded Assessments)

Dr. Glen Davies – Psychologist
Able Clinic
6-15243 91 Ave
Surrey, BC V3R 8P8
Telephone: (604) 584-3450

Dr. Lena Freeman – Registered Psychologist
#310 - 2963 Glen Drive
Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P7
Telephone: (604) 464-2627
Fax: (604) 464-2607

Dr. Grace Iarocci - Psychologist
SFU Psychology
RCB 7318, 8888 University Drive
Burnaby BC, Canada V5A 1S6
Telephone: (604) 812-4248

Dr. Angela Gedye
Box 39081
Vancouver, BC   V6R 4P1
Telephone: (604) 733-1950
Fax (604) 730-3457

Dr. Suzanne Jacobsen – Psychologist
#100 - 21320 Gordon Way
Richmond, BC V6W 1J8
Telephone: (604) 232-4122
Fax: (604) 952-4006

Dr. Doug Lee – Psychologist
2114 Cortell
North Vancouver BC
Telephone: (604) 980-8395

Dr. Ron Schmidt - Psychologist
Able Clinic
6-15243 91 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 8P8
Telephone: (604) 584-3450

 Psychologists - Adults (Privately Funded Assessments)

Dr. John Du - Psychologist
Rainbow Clinic
#201-8435 120th Street, Delta BC
Telephone:(604) 597-0363

Dr. Angela Gedye
P.O. Box 39081, Vancouver BC
Telephone :(604) -733-1950
Fax: (604) 730-7936

Dr. Stephen Schertzer
UBC – Psychiatry
Telephone: (604) 822-7187


Dr. Teresa Kope – Psychiatrist
301-5027 – 47A
Ladner, BC  V4K 1T9
Telephone :604-946-1050
Fax: 604-940-6888
Works with children 12 and under

Sensory Integration

Ladan Khosravi-Djam, Occupational Therapist
37 - 3190 Tahsis Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3B 6C2
Phone: 604-468-9013
Fax: 604-468-9031

Cris Rowan, Occupational Therapist
Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc.
6840 Seaview Rd.
Sechelt, BC V0N 3A4
Phone: 604-885-0986
Fax: 604-885-0389
Cell: 604-740-2264
websites and 


Social Skills Group

Interactions© Social Skills Group
Interactions II Therapeutic Social Thinking Group
Address: Sexsmith Elementary School – 7455 Ontario Street, Vancouver
Contact:  Aileen Stalker, 604-734-9391 or
Contact: Susan Edmison, 604-261-5059 or


Tutors - School Aged Children
Allbest Training Academy
10280 Cambie Road, Richmond, British Columbia
Canada V6X 1K5
Tel: 778-908-6689 Tim Chan
Languages: English, Mandarin & Cantonese

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Vancouver Island & Islands

Behaviour Interventionist

Child & Family Counseling Association (CAFCA)
Parliament Mews
#5 – 230 Menzies Street
Victoria, BC V8V 2G7
Telephone: (250) 595-4423

Some of the counsellors listed below are Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC). ACT strongly recommends that you visit for more information about Clinical Counsellors in British Columbia.

Peptalks Speech Club
Address: 1216 Duke Street, Victoria, BC
Telephone: 250-418-3033


Pamela Hutchison, ND
1517 Ameila St.
Victoria, BC  V8W 2J9
Phone (250) 388-6889


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